It has been a challenging experience to create such a special restaurant in China where decades of experience and expertise, top hospitality professionals and foodies from India and China have come together to establish the finest modern Indian restaurant in Xian.

Amber Palace Indian Restaurant is Xian’s marketplace for the discerning diner. Amber Palace is influenced by the seasons and underpinned by a belief in a ‘fresh from the market’ approach. The open kitchen and personalized royal service at Amber Palace makes it the perfect choice for families, groups and business meetings to gather, mingle and taste an abundance of amazing flavors making your every moment Something to Remember.

With a glamorous eye catching concept and cutting-edge modern Indian cuisine of 21st century, Amber Palace is the perfect rendezvous in town to fall in love with, where every dish is carved out by our star chefs and connoisseurs who have spent ages to master the art of perfection, in their culinary journey.

Amber Palace is inspired by a beautiful royal historical Mughal Palace of India called Amber Fort built by warrior Indian king Maan Singh in 1592 AD in the province of Rajasthan, India. Amber Fort presents a fascinating blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture and has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The rich interiors and architecture of Amber will take you to the same mystic world.