Nagendra Prasad

Co-Owner / CEO


Mr. Nagendra is the co-owner and CEO of Amber Palace Indian Restaurant. Mr. Nagendra came to China in 2017 with big dreams and laid the foundation of Amber Palace, in 2017 with a vision to create a contemporary modern cuisine inspired and derived from Indian culinary world and give a unique experience to people in China and bridge two countries together along with his strong pillar team. Mr.Nagendra is an entrepreneur and industrialist of high repute and has rich business experience especially in the hospitality industry. Mr. Nagendra has a global recognition of his exceptional leadership, vision and contribution to develop The Amber Palace as one of the world’s leading Modern Indian Cultural Restaurant chains. Mr. Nagendra has high level of analyzing the business potential, identify the problem and sight the right solution to the business. He is the right resource to any business operation transformation; professionally he covers Brand building, Route to Market, Right Market Execution, Advertisement, Business recovery, team motivation, and recruitment for Amber Palace.


Dev Raturi

Founder / Brand Ambassador


Dev Raturi is an indian entrepreneur in china, who owns several popular restaurants all over China, and also an actor who had acted several Chinese movies and TV series. With roots in India, Dev Raturi moved in the year 2005 and quickly climbed up the ladder to start his chain of eight Indian restaurants in the major districts of China. Dev is a man of action, passion, determination and diligence, which has brought him to great heights.